Garage Expansion with an ‘Uplifting’ Twist

This EGS Remodeling project is located in West Hempfield Township, PA. It features a unique garage expansion/renovation. The work completed includes the addition of a third garage bay with a vaulted ceiling and hydraulic vehicle lift.

A homeowner with a newer home that featured a two-car garage had a vision for a renovation project, but struggled to find a contractor with the design ingenuity to carry out his ideas. The client wanted to make room at home for his 1930s-era Ford hot rod, which was currently stored offsite. After meeting with the EGStoltzfus team, the wheels were put into motion (pun intended) and a unique garage expansion plan was born.

Remodel Plan
Our design team listened to the client’s needs and vision for his garage space. From there, we proposed building a third garage bay with a vaulted ceiling. We presented him with a 3D drawing that illustrated what he could expect from the garage expansion – and he was hooked.

The expansion allowed him to install a vehicle lift to store his prized hot rod and still park one of his other vehicles, including a pickup truck. To accommodate the additional garage bay, we bumped out the wall facing the street. A vaulted ceiling design gave the client the height he needed for both the lift and car to fit.

Because of the lift and vaulted ceiling, a special garage door was installed for the third bay. A jack-shaft operator was also installed, allowing the motor to be mounted next to the track, and driving the door up the slope of the ceiling.

To top off the project, a new roof peak and stone veneer garage front were added to match the style of the home.

Client Feedback
Our client was very satisfied with the final results. He now keeps his prized Ford hot rod at home, in a space that not only makes the car easily accessible but also makes it easy to store when it’s not cruising down the highway.

An extra bonus – the client appreciated the proactive work we did to install a conduit underneath a new walkway before concrete was poured. This will allow the client to have electricity running from the house when he moves ahead with his landscape lighting project.