A Rest-Easy Remodeling Process

The EGStoltzfus Remodeling process ensures that your home remodeling project runs smoothly, whether you’re renovating a single room or putting a major addition on your home. We carefully listen to your needs and deliver an experience that brings your vision to life with beauty and functionality. Our in-house team of designers, planners and project managers offers expert guidance throughout the entire remodel process. Here’s how we do it:


First Meeting

Whether you have a very specific remodel idea or really no idea at all, we’re here to listen. At our initial meeting, we’ll discuss your dreams, wants and needs and explore the possibilities for your space. We’ll also discuss your budget as well as any future remodel projects you may also be considering, and how they can play into your home’s value.

Preliminary Sketch Design/Budget

Next, the creative process begins. We take your ideas and translate them into preliminary designs and computer models – bringing your project to life before work even starts. This helps you visualize the new space and how it will look and function. We’ll also discuss preliminary designs as they relate to your budget.

Design Development/Estimate

At this step in the process, we refine your ideas and explore materials and finishes for your space. We’ll show you all kinds of inspiration at our Design Studio, and help you narrow down your choices. From here, we will begin developing your project estimate.

Final Design/Proposal

During the proposal phase, we’ll meet with our material vendors and trade partners to review the project space and plan the best approach for your project. We’ll gather all costs, finalize your estimate and deliver it to you in a fixed, single-price proposal.


We convert your proposal into a final, comprehensive agreement with project plans, specifications and other documentation. It reflects all of the aesthetic features, space plan and material choices you’ve made during the Design and Proposal steps.

Meeting Start Up Strategy

  • Preconstruction
    This is where the fun begins! Orders are placed, permits are issued and we begin construction. Ongoing and open communication throughout the preconstruction and construction phases is critical – and we make sure it happens.
  • Pre-mechanical
  • Pre-close-in
  • Finish Install

Project Completion

As we near the end of your remodeling project, our comprehensive completion review happens. We thoroughly review your project with you and note any final tasks to be completed. Once those tasks are done, your project is finished.

Service Beyond

We guarantee our craftsmanship through a comprehensive warranty. And our customer service team is always available should you have any questions after your project is completed. Call us (717) 393-0212 or connect with us online.